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Business Inside Sales Account Executive was asked...February 9, 2020

Give me a time when you had an unhappy customer because of a mistake you did. How would/did you handle this situation?

2 Answers

I worked with you before and liked it there but it was too far from my home looking for something closer to my home Less

Never. The job is a little bit heavy but there’s people there to help you

SHI International

There is a test at the end of the interview that asks you to respond to certain scenarios via email, and they ask you to leave a VM to see how you sound on the phone.

2 Answers

It's easy and they don't grade it hard.

What is the VM scenario, is it a problem that your calling about or is it a sales VM? Less

Revel Systems

Why should we hire you?

2 Answers

Struck me as odd, but I outlined my past experience and high achievement. Strangely the CEO than responded with "You know we'll check all of those numbers you just listed". Not a problem because I wasn't lying about them, but struck me as odd. Less

The CEO is a nutcase!


How would you improve your presentation if asked to do it again?

2 Answers

My sense is that each section could be improved with more practice and rehearsal. I was especially weak closing on the demo. I was thinking they were ready to book it, but did not confirm timely! Less

I always hear about the 30 minute presentation--is it on the topic of your choice, or are you doing a presentation? Do they give you a particular scenario to work with? Less


Initial screening has 2 quizzes: a. If you had a credit card with £100K credit limit and a 1.5% interest fee, how much would it cost you if you spent all money in a month? b. If your card charged you 3 pence per transaction per month and you had 300 transactions, how much would you be charged for that month?

1 Answers

a. Answer is: £1,500.00 b. £9.00

MF Global

Are you comfortable on the phones?

1 Answers

Yes, very.


None. They based hiring on cultural fit within the organization.

1 Answers


How many of your previous customers can you get to switch over?

1 Answers

Between 50% and 2/3rds

Performance Matters Associates

Top 3 things that mattered to me in making a career choice.

1 Answers

Ability to earn high income. Longevity. Honest company.


Every cliche corporate interview question you can think of.

1 Answers

Tried to tap-dance and answer at first, but midway through, realized they are not the type of folks I want to work with. Less

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