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Had to take a math test, reading/problem solving multiple choice test, simple computer skills test and DISC personality test.

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basic skills test, not too hard.

Name two things not on your resume that you are most proud of.

They asked me where my motivation comes from. And I wasn't completely surprised with the question due to the fact it concedes with what type of a person I am and how I portray myself. I guessed they were looking for how driven and focused I would be in the position. I responded and would say I'm not too bad at interviews. They asked me mostly what relevant sales experience had I prior done and how am a problem solving. All the questions seemed relevant to the position.

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How did you contribute to the growth of the last company you were employed?

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Describe a time when things suddenly changed for you and how did you react or adjust to the change?

How would you demonstrate Jelly Beans to increase sales?

Do you have any question about Kaplan?

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