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Why do you want to work in the EMR SAAS industry?

Would you please walk me through your resume?

How to deal with a difficult teammate

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Sales Quote and achievements in the past.

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3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. EVERYTHING about the markets. We talked about the Fed, BOJ, SP500 expectations, Brexit, etc. All the markets questions are covered in Bloomberg/WSJ. Draw on paper the payoff of a call option. I didn't get any brainteasers but that's unusual.

Its always difficult to be asked what your biggest faults are.

What can you bring to the team

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What are 3 key themes in the market?

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What in your experience has prepared you to effectively lead this organization, why will FedEx be more successful with you in this position? Tell me about the most challenging project you delivered Most creative example Team conflict, how did you solve it

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