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McKinsey & Company
Marketing and Sales - Associate was asked...April 2, 2015

A product sells for 2£. The CEO asks you how much more he has to sell to have the same gains when he drops the price 10% and wants to up his sales by 5%.

2 Answers

He has to up his sales by 16,7% in total for this product (90% ~ 1.80, 2 x 105 = 210, 210/1.80) Less

No it should be 15%. Rev=price x quantity. Taking the log and difference you can wrote dlogR=dlog p-dlogq. If you want 5% more rev but price goes down 10%, then sakes has to go up by 15%. Less

Lucid Motors

If we had you open up a store in New York in a year from now and told you to collect 2k reservations, how would you go about getting them?

2 Answers

As stated above, this is not a question

availing of the 2k reservation locks in your price for the first batch of units. The pride of owning the newest, most captivating and the only luxurious EV car in the world. Less


If you were give a tour and an angry resident interrupted with complaints about a maintenance issues, how would you handle it?

2 Answers

I would simple say we are handling it and it will be repaired immediately. Thank you for pointing it out to us. Less

Please stop by the office and some one will assist you.

Jeffrey Charles NYC

All they asked was about what I do at my current job and if selling office supplies would be something I would be interested in doing.

1 Answers

Total waste of time.

H2 Concepts

where do i see myself in 5 years

1 Answers

i see myself owning my own business and being my own boss

Suyati Technologies

Previous job description and role

1 Answers

Just explained what I did in relation to content marketing and planning

Red Global

What 3 things are customers unhappy about in regards to company X (their clients competitor)?

1 Answers

Quality of product, customer service, cost ie: lack of value


Standard market-sizing question

1 Answers

When have you worked with large quantities of data?


What is ATL and BTL?

1 Answers

ATL stands above the line meaning that that the advertising target audience BTL below the line advertising is going to target a specific group develop ads Less


Adventures you have made?

1 Answers

Community services in India

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