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Sales Assistant Interview Questions

"Sales assistants often work in a supporting role to a sales team by working on reporting and administration or as an entry-level sales role. During an interview, expect to talk about how you work in a fast-paced environment, what kind of people that you work best with, as well as your decision-making processes. Be prepared to role-play a situation with a difficult customer or selling the company's product to a potential client.Sales coordinators support a sales team through a range of tasks, from reporting and administration to client relations. Employers want to know about previous sales experience, ability to work in a team, and how familiar you are with their product. In the interview, be prepared to role play handling an angry customer or another situation in which you must demonstrate excellent customer service skills."

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What are your goals with the company?

1 Answer

I answered that I would like to be involved in the organization in an administrative setting.

Explain the perfect manager in your opinion.

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How do you see your role within an office that is struggling?

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describe a time where you had to handle a conflict with a guest/client

2 Answers

I wasn't really asked hard questions. We just talked naturally about the industry and what i was looking for.

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If you had to get rid of one of the United States which one would it be and why?

28 Answers

Are you willing to move to dubai?

8 Answers

are you married or single

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Tell me about yourself?

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What would you do if a client refuses medication?

3 Answers
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