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Sales Associate and Specialist Interview Questions


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What do you know about the company?

1 Answer

IKEA is an acronym for the founder of the company's name as well his hometown. IKEA is the biggest furniture retailer in the world, and it's colors represent the colors of the Swedish flag (which the company is very passionate about)

What would you say was your most challange in this industry in the past?

1 Answer

Describe a situation where you had to use your customer service skills and knoledge to resolve it.

Explain a situation where "X' (x being: disappointed a customer, made a customer happy, had to make a tough decision, etc.)

Who is your fashion icon?

1 Answer

Describe an incident when a guest (customer) strongly disagreed with you and how you resolved the situation?

1 Answer

Which celebrity do you look up to in regards to fashion sense and why?

Tell me about a time you worked in a team?/What was your role

Tell me about yourself?

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