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Sales Associate Interview Questions

"When hiring sales associates, employers are looking for charismatic candidates who can provide helpful advice to customers and close sales. Be prepared to answer a few scenario questions that will assess your ability to handle difficult customers, sell a product, or excel on a team. Previous sales experience is an advantage, but not necessary."

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Pick two celebrities to be your parents

21 Answers

If you could be any animal, what whould you be and why?

7 Answers

All were the basic questions you would expect, because they read from the papers left on the table by the store manager. One they kept asking was about my seasonal job, that I wasn't going back to, due to the commute and not driving any more, which I explained at least 5 times about and they still couldn't understand that I wanted to work near where I live. What part of that was confusing, maybe they just didn't understand because they didn't have it written down in front of them to read from.

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Sell me this pen. I have to try to sell them a plain pen. Also had to sell them air.

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If someone stole something (either an employee or a customer), what would you do?

5 Answers

True or false: people do lots of annoying things.

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Given two lists, A and B, of sizes n and k, respectively, describe an algorithm to determine the intersection, C, of the two lists. What is the complexity of your algorithm? (The obvious solution is O(n*k)). Can you describe a solution that is faster? (An optimized solution can do it in O(n+k)).

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Explain the reason for your time lapse in jobs.

8 Answers

How would you do you handle gossip.

3 Answers

He asked if it was raining out

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