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Sales Consultant Interview Questions

"Companies depend on sales consultants to establish trust between clients and companies through their marketing, interpersonal, and customer service skills. Expect to draw heavily on previous experience during an interview. Popular questions ask about situations in which you have changed a client's mind or demonstrated strong interpersonal skills during challenging times. You may also have to demonstrate your sales skills by pitching a product to the interviewer."

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If you don't know anything about the cell phone, tablet (ect) the customer is talking about what do you do?

1 Answer

"You could try and persuade them over to a product that you do know something about, read along and point to the information on the box or display, so you both know what the product is about."

An old man and a younger person come in at the same time, who would you help first?

1 Answer

Sell me this paper clip (or any other various object they may have)

1 Answer

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you, and why?

12 Answers

When were you given a NO, and not able to turn that into a YES?

4 Answers

Tell me about a time you used your sense of humor to difuse a situation at work?

2 Answers

Write a code that takes an input number and outputs the sum of all the EVEN numbers from that number down to zero. Write a function that, given a number as input, returns the factorial of that number.

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None really Difficult. Best one was "Why do you want to work at AT&T?"

1 Answer

Why did you move here?

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