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Sales Floor Team Member/Flow Team Member was asked...September 8, 2014

"A woman is buying shoes for her two year old daughter and is asking for help, after searching the shoe department you find the shoe size she needs isn't in stock, what would you do?"

7 Answers

"I said I would have someone check the backroom,"

I'd first help them look, then call other stores. If no other nearby stores had them in stock, I'd offer to have them shipped in and call her when they arrived. Less

Check the other shoe store

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Sutherland Lumber
Floor Sales was asked...February 26, 2015

Do you have retail experience? Have you stolen anything before? Why would you be a good fit?

5 Answers

Yes and No and I'm a employee that is one time every day I don't call in and I work Less


Yes I do have retail experience

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Floor Staff was asked...December 20, 2012

What would you do if you observed another employee stealing candy from concessions? What about money from the cash register?

4 Answers

I would report it to the manager, because personally I believe if you do it once you're most likely to do it again. Less

Report it. Stealing product is the same as stealing money. The company paid for the product in which they are getting nothing back for it. Plus, I would not want to work with a thief. Less

I would report it to the manager what I witnessed because it is never right to steal, especially from your workplace. Less

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Dollar Tree

What would you do if you walked into the bathroom and someone was doing drugs?

4 Answers

Alert a manager.

If this happened, I would definitely alert my immediate supervisor in a calm manner as not to alarm any customers in the store. I would definitely not confront the person on my own. Less

Do it with them

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Costco Wholesale

As a Fork-Lift driver, What should be your number one regard on the sales floor?

4 Answers

Safety. Forklift drivers are the most powerful individuals in the warehouse, they have the power to take a persons life, there is a lot of responsibility behind the key. Less

Safety. For myself and others. Forklifts can be very dangerous and someone can easily be hurt or killed. Less

Safety for others and avoid any accidents

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Why do you want to work at Kohls?

3 Answers

I would like to work at Kohl’s because it is a thriving company. I love the products that are being sold and the customer service I receive when I walk through the doors Less

Your answer should be all about what you can do for Kohl's if they hire you.

I know I want to work at a department store because it seems like I'd be able to be on my feet and busy instead of just standing around doing nothing. As long as there are customers in the store, there are things to be doing. I also love Kohls because of their great clothes and affordable prices and everytime I walk into this store, I am warmly welcomed, so I think it would be a great atmosphere to work in! Less


Describe a situation where you needed to stick up for yourself

3 Answers

I say things like you can say things you want to say. Even if it is true or not . Less

Say something true, but make it more about something that you disagreed with and how you showed the courage to overcome the obstacle. However, keep in mind that it's about YOU and not others. Make it work related also!!! Less

plenty of times. during my volunteer work a lot of people people become agitated and say and do hurtful things. this one time a woman under minded me and was calling me names because I didn't give her more of what she wanted and it's against the rules. I told her she needed to either take what she got or she can leave, Do not under mind me and expect people to still want to help you that's not how the way things work. Less


Tell about a problem and how you fixed it

2 Answers

Since the position is for sales floor team member, I would say this" well, if there is a customer that comes to me and complain about something in the store that I wasn't familiar with because I'm new, I will refer the customer to my co worker in the floor team that's been working in target for years and has much more experience than me. Less

Tell them exactly that


why should we hire you?

3 Answers

If you've had other jobs tell them how much customer service/retail experience you have. Less

You should hire me because I am a quick learner, complete all tasks as asked and be dedicated to my work while giving good customer service. Less

You should hire me because I'm a very diligent person


Tell me about you .

3 Answers

Ask me what you want to know and I will answer.

I am srilankan. And i can work hard.

How can i apply

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