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Where do you see yourself in ten years?

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Tell me about yourself...

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The most difficult question to answer was what I found most interesting about the Hershey company, this was not a very difficult question to answer, but it was the most difficult from what I was asked.

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Describe a situation when you encountered resistance from a group to accept your view as well as how you convinced them to see things your way.

The most difficult questions for me was when he asked to expand on the stocks that I would buy or decide and then the details of how each currency related to the dollar. I am not in our undergraduate business school so a lot of these questions I didn't quite know the answer to as I do not follow the markets everyday. Make sure if you are going into a sales and trading interview, know the ins and outs of the market not only today but what they are projected to be in the next year to 10 years.

Nothing outside standard behavioral questions.

Tell me about what you're involved in at school

You have a client that has been on vacation for the last 20 days. He wants to be filled in on what news he missed, how it affected markets, and how he should alter his portfolio and future trades accordingly.

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