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Difference between selling an independent community over an assisted living community. Also was asked questions about sales techniques and closing strategies.

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Reading your comment about the interview tells me the company made the correct decision; you are not ready for this position because it is Hard Core sales. You were please with the interview--why? You weren't offered a position. You mentioned "professional" four times with regard to the process. You were distracted by the interviewer. I will give you a hint as to the answer: Watch the movie "The Firm" with Tom Cruise. Watch the scene where he is offered a job with the firm. You should have known the outcome of the interview before you left the room. That is proof you are not ready for this position. Learn and win next time.

You are the lucky one. When any position in this co becomes available on thought comes to mind RUN FORREST RUN!!!!!


Describe a time you had to coach a team member for performance issues.

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Will you uphold our core values, including Integrity, Accountability, etc.. And these are values you will NEVER see exampled by anyone in upper management!

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Why did you leave the industry prior to applying at Clear Channel?

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Tell me about a time in which you disagreed with your supervisor. What was the situation, who was involved, and what was the outcome?

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Same ole garbage; typical BS questions.

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What would you do if a associate is not giving the energy the company to requires?

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Tell me about a time when you didn't meet expectations on the job or on a project.

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Second interview was with a newly hired RSL who I adored. She was professional, intelligent and quized me about how long I thought I would stay with Holiday. What a misfortune she was forced to move on...for the same reason most leave that have a strong business ethic.

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Was asked if I call out sick a lot or if I had a child/children that was sick a lot.

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