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Describe a time you had to coach a team member for performance issues.

2 Answers

Summation: Team member was showing up late constantly. Coached individual and processed corrective action. Team member began to show up on time.

Stated instances when the Team member has come late.Asked for his the reasons for being late.Asked him how it has impacted the appointments.Shared my concerns and the impact on Team meetings.Asked him how he intented to correct the situation and provided my inputs if required to correct the situation.Monitored and reinforced on his coming on time in the subsequent meetings.

Difference between selling an independent community over an assisted living community. Also was asked questions about sales techniques and closing strategies.

3 Answers

I was asked if I had 2 employees, one was very likable and who tried very hard but didn't produce results, and the other was not so likeable but met and exceeded goals. Which one would you fire?

1 Answer

When a closing statement was made by a prospect what would i say next?

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How do you feel about giving customers hand massages.

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How comfortable are you with working with this generation?

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try and sell something on the spot

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Tell me about a time in which you disagreed with your supervisor. What was the situation, who was involved, and what was the outcome?

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Same ole garbage; typical BS questions.

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This is a tough territory... Last two guys here didn't make it. How will you be different?

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