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Tell me about yourself Explain a difficult situation involving a customer

3 Answers

I explained that a customer called in to request an extension on loans and more $$$$$ after he had been on the news and was being sought by legal / police authorities? I asked when the customer could make payment arrangements? My duties required me to ask and note the accounts/ accept payments/ encourage customers to make good on outstanding bills, before sending to a manager. The man believe that because he made a lot of $$$$$$ and defaulted on loans he is entitled to more $$$$$$? Resolved by me talking to manager they persuaded him to come in to the bank..

No second Interview / no offer made? Guess being "Honest" about the most difficult customer I could remember having was the wrong answer?

Interviewer ask me about my recent work duties, I explained my customer services and Supervisory roles. I always follow Company rules and received perfect attendance at jobs recognizing and assist team when needed to meet and exceed goals. Got an email stating based on my answers they will not offer second face to face interview? I was only asked about my work & difficult customer. The rest of interview I was told about the company & duties?

What is your mission in life?

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Have I had any other interviews?

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Are you motivated by money?

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Wanted to know if I would stay in this position long term. You revealed their frustration at the swinging door they have had with sales people.

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what makes a good manager?

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Tell me about yourself. Why WESCO? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your salary expectation? Do you see yourself with WESCO in future?

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DM: Well, logistics aren't that important to our company because people come to us for higher quality, not lower prices

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No real interview questions were asked or answered all was to be revealed in a final interview.

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She didn't ask difficult questions except I felt if I would fork over $395. she would let me be a 1099 contractor with no pay no benefits no vacation no retirement savings.

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