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Hawkins Cookers Limited
Management Trainee - Sales was asked...September 25, 2012

can u speak french?

9 Answers

Hey pls help me too I selected for second round and it will be written what will be the pattern of the exam? Less

don't study for this ezam. it's really very easy

How was GD & Interview, give some inputs regarding them.

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Tell me about yourself Explain a difficult situation involving a customer

3 Answers

I explained that a customer called in to request an extension on loans and more $$$$$ after he had been on the news and was being sought by legal / police authorities? I asked when the customer could make payment arrangements? My duties required me to ask and note the accounts/ accept payments/ encourage customers to make good on outstanding bills, before sending to a manager. The man believe that because he made a lot of $$$$$$ and defaulted on loans he is entitled to more $$$$$$? Resolved by me talking to manager they persuaded him to come in to the bank.. Less

Interviewer ask me about my recent work duties, I explained my customer services and Supervisory roles. I always follow Company rules and received perfect attendance at jobs recognizing and assist team when needed to meet and exceed goals. Got an email stating based on my answers they will not offer second face to face interview? I was only asked about my work & difficult customer. The rest of interview I was told about the company & duties? Less

No second Interview / no offer made? Guess being "Honest" about the most difficult customer I could remember having was the wrong answer? Less

Bloomberg L.P.

What is your mission in life?

3 Answers

To work hard and be successful - it didn't fly.

To kill all people who ask stupid interview questions.

To be the very best, like no one ever was

Hawkins Cookers Limited

Interview in coming days

3 Answers

Written for the Sales Trainee position had 3 papers Maths, English and a General paper which had some casual questions in it. Paper was very easy, and we got enough time to complete it and revise it. Once you clear the Written selected candidates including me were called to Mumbai HO for GD and PI, there will be no rejection in the GD round but if you are good in PI you will be selected early for PI, I was number 3rd. Speak very carefully in GD as they will note all the words you will be saying. In PI there will be 3-5 people all including Top management including, VP, Director, Chairman etc. In PI they will be having your CV, Written Exam paper, your GD points and they will grill your for 1-1:30 hrs on the basis of those docs. So be prepared., select your words and points wisely in written and GD. Best of Luck Less

Hey could you please tell me more about questions which you faced in exam , and how its divided into parts , wbt essay writing and everything ? Less

Have done with the interview? How was it? When did you give your test and after how many days was the interview? Less

Adani Wilmar

Most difficult part was the final result as from last 7 students they took based on their age....3 were selected as they were younger than others..

3 Answers

i have best knowled ge in sales in market and convancing the customer easily give me one opportunity in india Less

give me one chance

i have 3year exp in mkt for best result i am intrested in m.p work pls give me opportunity for job Less

Sales Experience and Languages Spoken.

2 Answers

Japanese, English, Arabic, French and Chinese.

Yes. Many years of Sales & Marketing Experiences. I speak 5 languages fluently: Japanese, English, Arabic, French and Chinese. Less

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Are you motivated by money?

2 Answers

How much did you make last year? $200,000 Our bottom 5% makes $200,000.

I'm motivated by helping others and if that means I make a lot of money I'm good with that.. Less


Have I had any other interviews?

2 Answers

Why sales?

Yes, Many times as both the interviewee and the interviewer. I been in the interviewing process several times throughout my life spand, in fact I have been taught what I can and can. It ask during an interview and to give each person a fair and honest interview showing no bias Less

Wanted to know if I would stay in this position long term. You revealed their frustration at the swinging door they have had with sales people.

2 Answers

Do you think I am quilified to fulfill the job requirments to completion for success? They will say yes. Then are you prepared to give me a raise when that is accomplished? Or, what will I receive for doing such a great job? Will the company be willing put me under contract at that time? Less

I did not answer the question directly.


what makes a good manager?

2 Answers

A good manager is first competent, reliable, patient and courteous. In addition they are a good problem solver and able to resolve issues with his or her staff or a disgruntled customer. They are not perfect and when they have questions ask for help. Less

A good manager is first competent, reliable, patient and courteous. In addition they are a good problem solver and able to resolve issues with his or her staff or a disgruntled customer. They are not perfect and when they have questions ask for help. Less

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