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Sales manager Interview Questions

"As a sales manager, it's your job to guide your team to success by setting appropriate quotas and goals, building sales plans, establishing training programs, and and developing sales strategies. Employers are looking for candidates who are skilled negotiators, planners, and leaders. In an interview, come ready to discuss your management style and how you've closed sales in the past. Excelling in sales is all about delivering superb customer service, so be prepared to offer a sales pitch on the spot or answer a scenario question about handling tough customers."

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"Sell me this pen". The VP handed me his pen and asked me to sell it to him.

5 Answers

He wanted a better prices, so I told him that if he bought 5 he'd get a better price. I got the job.

Ask what they see in a pen. If he remembers the last pen he used, and what price he would put on a pen he uses for signing big important contracts. As soon as he names a price... sold

I would suggest it was a very special pen used by a very important person and it won’t come up for sale again

How would you split your time between a team of 10-12 if multiple reps were struggling.

2 Answers

How do you motivate people?

1 Answer

What would you discount or comp?

1 Answer

What were some of your biggest challenges in dealing with difficult clients and how did you overcome them?

1 Answer

How do you see your role within an office that is struggling?

1 Answer

If I was familiar with managing a large team and what was my management style.

1 Answer

Tell me why do you think you would be a good manager?

1 Answer

What would you do if a client was upset with you on the phone?

1 Answer

Questions spanned from work experience examples all the way to my personality. What keeps me motivated and what do I like about my job.

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