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The most difficult question was when they asked me to come interview in Boston for Brand Ambassador and then the current brand ambassador , went behind my back and hired a friend rather than me, who had been working very hard to get promoted internally.

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very unprofessional, I didn't even get to go to Boston to interview, I was sent an email from someone in Boston at the office saying they are going to hire someone else for the position, who was in my opinion under qualified and only chosen due to "politics within the company" and I found that extremely unprofessional. I left shortly after that incident.

Nothing too difficult, felt very comfortable with overall questions and answers.

How did you get access to the private MTV site to use our logos in your presentation?

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The interviewer just read from a book of questions that she asks everybody. The hardest question that she asked was "what is your biggest flaw?", but that is expected to be asked in every interview that you go to.

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