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Sales Specialist Flooring Interview Questions


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Since you rated yourself high in product knowledge in the ____ department, pick a product from that department and pretend that you're selling it to us.

2 Answers

I talked about price point, warranty, product-specific benefits and Lowe's installation services.

use the A.Q.A.L method (ask questions and listen) ask probing questions to narrow down customer before doing the feature and benefit approach

Do you work close to the office and are you willing to work long hours?

1 Answer

How do you define customer service

2 Answers

Could you carry more than 40 lbs?

1 Answer

Suppose a customer is interested in a project, but they don't want to purchase because they say they can't afford it. How do you close the sale?

1 Answer

Rate your product knowledge in these departments on a scale of one to ten. (Followed by a list of the Lowe's departments which typically have a Sales Specialist.)

1 Answer

How do you use your time when there is low traffic in the store?

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What was a time you had an angry customer and how did you deal with it?

If you and management or peer had a disagreement which caused poor relations, how did you solve and what steps taken to solve.

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Describe a time that you've gone above and beyond for customer service. Pick your favorite product and pitch it to me.

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