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We are working under the assumption that I am a customer. Pick a product in the store and sell it to me. Why would I buy this? What if I don't want to spend that kind of money? Why would I benefit from this product?

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This is the most challenging and the longest part of the interview. They will be picking your brain to see if you can handle all of the complex situations you will face on the sales floor of the big box retailer. Think of a product you are comfortable with... mine was Scott's EZ seed. The dialogue was something like: "Good morning, thanks for coming in today. Did you have a question about Scott's EZ Seed?" "Could you tell me about it?" "Certainly! What we have here is an excellent product to help those bare spots in your yard come back to life! As you can tell by our little display, this stuff can grow anywhere, even on the cement block we have it on. If you're worried you won't be able to nurture it, don't worry. They made it as easy as possible to grow grass." "Is it worth the money?" "Great question. I live in an apartment myself, but I'm always helping my dad around his house. We get a lot of visitors there, and I'm not sure if you've ever seeded your yard, but generally it's a LOT of work... covering the seeds, acting like a watchdog so NO ONE steps on your lawn... basically, it's tiresome. But this EZ seed is so simple! Sprinkle a little in the bare spots, give it a little water, and walk away! I know a lot of people here on the coast have to worry about where all their light hits, but you don't have to worry about it. It may take an extra day or so, but EZ seed will sprout in the shadiest areas of your lawn... a claim backed by the Scott's Brand. If you'd like, I can track down an informational flier if you're not ready to try one of these smaller bags today."

Name a time when a customer was upset and what did you do.

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How many languages do i speak.

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Situational questions, What if you're working with a customer and another customer is waiting to be helped, what will you do? Too Role play if a customer is needing material for a job and there's a situation with making the purchase.

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Tell about a situation you had where you could not satisfy a customer and how you handled it

Describe a situation where you had an ethnic challenge and how did you solve it?

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describe a time when a coworker did something that was strictly against company policy and how you responded.

What is your biggest weakness?

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Tell me about a time when...

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