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If you are in charge of 30 people and there were 5 that were doing really well, 10 that were mediocre and 5 that were just not doing their job and not putting in any effort, how would you effectively better the situation?

4 Answers

Fire the bottom 5 and hire 5 new people.

I would find my last 10 employees :)

I would figure out the 'WIIFMs' for the 5 not putting in effort, and come up with a POA for them in a one-o-one session. Make the 5 good ones take some responsibility for the 10 mediocre associates, which would inculcate peer learning and inter- team interactions.

If a team member is struggling to reach goal (there are monthly sales quotas), would you stay late on a shift day to help? How would you do it?

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What is my best quality in a sales position such as personal training?

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How do you estimate the time you'll use to create a learning event?

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What I felt the best strength from my skill sets would be for this job

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What kind of skills or experience do you have? What types of presentation software are you familiar with?

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Would you rate face to face, blended or computer based training the best? Why and where specifically have you used each in sales training, leadership development, and customer service training?

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How would you design the program for a 55 year old lady with a prior rotator cuff injury, cronic lower back pain and a hip impingement?

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What do you want to get out of this job

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