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Just know your stuff and be yourself.

Basic SFDC questions along with some development oriented

Why is it important to you that this company is not backed by VCs, but it's private?

1. For which criteria in workflow "time dependent workflow action" cannot be created? 2. What is the advantage of using custom settings? 3. What are the different workflow actions available in workflows? 4. What is whoid and whatid in activities? 5. What is the difference between a standard controller and custom controller 6. Can you have more than one extenssions associated with a single page?

what makes you a good fit here without talking about your background?

I was given a piece of trigger code and asked to figure out what is wrong. (You need to know how to write bulkified triggers)

Why do you want to work at Slalom and how can you contribute?

Why are manhole covers round?

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An admin(non-coder) wants to take charge of whether a trigger will run or not. How will you do it?

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