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Just know your stuff and be yourself.

1) Introduction 2) Disadvantages of Agile and how did you overcome 3) What is Aura 4) What is good about lightning apart from the visual components 5) Partner Community User License type 6) Why Deloitte 7) Questions to the recruiter

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What is the difference between WhoID and WhatID?

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On the business/personal side, one interviewer inquired about my major (in a field unrelated to my career). Another interviewer asked me to describe a situation in which I had felt pressured to do something that conflicted with my principles.

Do you like drinking water from a fire hose? Things at Technomile are crazy and you will have little to no support.

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On the technical side, I was asked to describe my work with Salesforce - both admin and development - at a pretty detailed level, along with other related enterprise development experience. Specific topics included MVC design and web services.

"Given a company with units A and B, and sub-units within each, how can one hide select records in B from A but allow access to certain records?"

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Very standard. Describe projects you’ve worked on etc

Today is Friday, can you join on Monday?

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