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Regis Corporation
Salon Manager was asked...January 5, 2017

what would you do if you became part of regis family?

3 Answers

make it a fun and secure place to up the brand positively

i would design a salon to be in the open space of a mall, like the commons area at Ridgedale, not parked next to Sears, make it an event where everyone is enjoying the action. Less

I'd be an asset. I love the beauty industry and meeting new people, and learning more about cutting, color technics. Less

Great Clips

What my long term goals were?

2 Answers

That I wanted to be a salon manager

To move up the ladder

Boardroom Salon for Men

Did your previous job track metrics

2 Answers


I previously had an interview, but I haven't heard from anyone.

The most difficult question was what would I do if I had a chemical on someone's head an we had a fire an had to evacuate.

1 Answers

I would find the nearest business like, Walmart an go an rinse the chemical out so that there is damage to my client. Less

Salon Pure

If I had a Cosmetology license

1 Answers

I said yes and show them my California Cosmetology license.

Regis Corporation

What would you do if a guests comyacys you with a complaint?

1 Answers

Try to fix the situation with either a redo of service or issue a refund.


What do you think is the area in which you could improve the most?

1 Answers

It is best to respond with something that the interviewee hase already begun improving, emphasizing that he or she is simply challenging him- or herself to improve in every area, no matter the quality of his or her current skills. Less

J. C. Penney

How would you handle a client who was unhappy with their service; and how would you approach and coach the stylists who serviced this client?

1 Answers

Handling an unsatisfied client is a delicate and important process. I would first speak with the client privately to discuss what about his/her service they were unhappy with. Many times, miscommunication is the problem between stylist and client, not the technical aspect of the work. After identifying the problem, depending on what it was of course; I would reassure the client that the situation is going to be quickly remedied, and diffuse the situation. Coaching the stylist would be swift, but not in a demeaning way. Transparency with a team is vital, so informing the stylist on what went wrong, and why would be my first concern. Then, educating the stylist on how to better serve our clients would be my main goal. Less

J. C. Penney

Do you like to do hair?

1 Answers

No brainer. Ive been a hairstylist for 15 years. Did you even look at my resume?

J. C. Penney

How did you lead your team to reach a weekly sales goal.What actions did you do.

1 Answers

Make a board to visually see

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