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Branch Manager Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

"A branch manager demands the skills of someone who is proficient in accounting, but can also build good customer relations, oversee operations, and approve loans and lines of credit. During an interview, be prepared to talk about your experience in managing others, creating a good rapport in the community, and motivating your staff to be successful and ethical. Beforehand, prepare yourself with how you would handle a stressful, difficult, or struggling employee and your tactics to get them back on task."

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Told that I was causing problems - by doing my job - but nowhere was I given written instruction about what to do. Little to none job integration and senior managers who talked out of both side of their mouth - apparently more intrigued about which way the wind was blowing instead of being helpful managers. A junk team, I'd say.

What would you do to motivate staff?

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What is your business plan for increasing loan production and recruiting new loan officers

There were no difficult or unexpected questions. The hiring team didn't seem to have thoughtful questions prepared.

What is the way that you deal with difficult customers?

How do you help someone who isn't meeting goals?

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If the President of the company were to do something wrong, what would you do about it?