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Customer Service Representative Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

"As the first point of contact between a company and the client, a customer service representative must have impeccable communication skills and conflict resolution abilities. Expect your interview to consist of a lot of role-play or ""describe a time when..."" questions that will test your ability to deal with irate clients, work well under pressure, and maintain a calm and professional composure. Make sure to come ready to provide a sales pitch of your company's product."

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Name a policy at a former job that you didn't agree with, and what you did in response?

2 Answers

Complied with the policy even though I didn't agree with it.

We had flex time and CSR were dont allowed to do flex time, but I lived with it

What is my favorite hobby

1 Answer

What did you do at [Previous Employer]?

1 Answer

1st Q - Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to help a customer, 2nd Q - How did you handle a customers problem that was of a sensitive nature and what was the outcome.

1 Answer

i dont recall it was 2.5 years ago

1 Answer

what hours are you available.

1 Answer

WOuld you ever bend a company policy to satisfy the very important client because it seems to be the most beneficial to the company and the client at any specific situation?

1 Answer

It was some questions related to weaknesses. Not the typical, "What is your weakness?" but more like "Tell me about a time you had to work with a manager to overcome a weakness."

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What was your wage at your previous position, and if it is less than what you would make here, will it be sufficient and WHY?

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"You have to to choose one: which is more important, being on time or being a hard worker?"

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