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What exact experience with test automation have you had?

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Automation starts when UAT becomes stable. Say for instance if on each release more than 50% test are failing you don't automate the application. During this time you can run smoke or black box tests to check if major functionalities are working properly. Once it becomes more stable for instance if 20% tests are failing you can start the automation process. Depending upon the application one can start with developing the frameworks. if it needed to be a data driven framework or a key word dirven framework. The best practice will be to incorporate Hybril Framwork which is combination of both keyword and data driven frameworks. On every release you run your regression tests to check new functionalities and anything broken from the previous releases. Once the application comes closer to complition you can develop a happy path or end to end test to check the functionalities of the application.

What happens if we do not have a hashcode method in an object

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You are in a room with no windows and three light switches. Each single light switch is connected to one single and distinct incandescent light bulb in the opposite windowless room. There is no immediate way of telling which light switch is connected to which light bulb. You are allowed to enter the room with the light bulbs once and only once, and only after you are ready to make the determination. How can you determine which switch is connected to which bulb?

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I was given a scenario questions for trouble shooting various network connectivity issues and imaging issues. They just wanted to see what trouble shooting attempts I’d make before escalating to their teams- pretty standard stuff.

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With the staff quality engineers: What statistics would you use in a given situation (they through out a couple of situations and wanted to know how I would approach identifying and addressing the problems)?

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All interviewers: tell me how you handled a situation where you had to prove that your method was better than someone else's.

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How do you define success?

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why hospice?

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? Describe a recent project: ! me describing project ? What where the most difficult architectural decisions?

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How would you write a function which prints out all the nodes of a tree.

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