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Hostess Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

"The hostess dictates a customer's first and last impression of a restaurant, so excellent customer service skills are essential. Expect to answer questions about how you would greet customers on the phone and in person to ensure they leave with a positive impression. As hostess stations often get hectic during peak restaurant hours, be prepared to discuss how you would handle long lines and impatient customers."

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What attributes does a hostess need to have?

1 Answer

Organized, optimistic, approachable

Tell us about a difficulty you've experienced where you had to show customer service.

Describe a time to had to work in a team.

Are you able to fill many roles? (not just the normal outlined job description but stepping up and doing everything you can to help the day go smoothly)

1 Answer

why should i hire you? tell me about yourself? what's your applicable experience? ect

Why do you want to work at olive garden?