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Human Resource Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT


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Name your worst day at work

1 Answer

Manager went crazy but I got to take over her responsibilities.

At the close of the interview, the following question was asked: What question have we NOT asked you, that would give us a better understanding of your skills, experience, and capabilities?

1 Answer

What do you like most about your current job?

1 Answer

"If there were a penguin sitting here with us right now, what would he say?"

1 Answer

Would you step and help operations with the inventory process.

1 Answer

A few basic SQL questions but nothing too deep or technically challenging.

Difference between a law and a policy?

1 Answer

Asked about previous experience with benefits administration.

Name the one thing in the workplace that causes you great anxiety and how do you overcome that?

Why you chose WGU? When was the last time you've gone above and beyond? How have you helped students in the past who struggle?

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