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Marketing Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

Marketing positions cover a variety of roles, ranging from technical market analysis to creative storytelling. If interviewing for an analytical role, expect to answer statistical questions about market trends and patterns. If interviewing for a non-technical role, focus on highlighting your strong written and oral communication skills as well as your experience running compelling campaigns.

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Why is a manhole round?

3 Answers

Because the cover can't fall in on itself.

It always fits into the other hole, thus is the safest shape possible.

It doesn't matter (though the two answers given here are correct). The true (and unspoken) question is, "Are you curious enough to ask what the real answer is, despite the fact that the question has no relevance to the job?" IMHO, this is a test of curiosity. If the candidate gives their answer but doesn't ask a follow-up question like, "What's the right answer?" or "Is there a right answer?" they're not an innately curious person. Just my .02.

In the conversion metric the revenues are increasing but the revenue per order is decreasing. What might be the cause?

1 Answer

A theoretical question - if you were to market piano tuning services tomorrow, how would you make your plan?

1 Answer

I can’t remember a single question. We played The Who’s who to find how we know people and then went through my resume, talked about my current employer.

1 Answer

How much traffic did your previous employer's site receive a day and where did that traffic come from?

1 Answer

Do you have References who use Office 365 or Gsuite Account?

1 Answer

Why do you think you are qualified for this position?

1 Answer

Why should we select you?

1 Answer

why am I the man for the job?

1 Answer

If a vendor approached you with a new product launch of a fishing line what would your strategy be?

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