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Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

"When interviewing candidates for the role of mechanical engineer, employers look for candidates who are enthusiastic to create innovative designs, analyses, and methods of production for mechanical systems. Expect to answer engineering questions that will assess your knowledge of the field as well as your creative problem-solving abilities to turn a theoretical device into a real product. In addition, come ready to discuss examples of past projects or designs and how you would excel in a team-oriented setting."

Top Interview Questions

I was shown some of their products and accessories and was asked to describe the various internal components and functions of the product without being allowed to handle/open/inspect. I was asked to draw some free body diagrams for some of their components. I was asked to evaluate a failed product and come up with a potential solution.

Behavioral Questions

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What are your thoughts on running your own business?

When have you changed an approach based on customer feedback?

About personal work experiences.

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1. Why are you looking to change? 2. Expected salary 3. Why this company? 4. Solidworks 3D modeling experience?

What has been your favorite course during your studies and why? What is your least liked course and why?

What type of element did you use for your finite element model?