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Senior Analyst Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT


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Tell us a time when you have dealt with a contract proposal and the result.

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I was interviewed during the same round of interview and had a second as well. They also asked me this. I felt it was best just to walk through how I had done this during my day to day in a previous job. I guess that's not what they wanted, because I didn't get an offer either.

Solve a story problem with elementary math without the use of a calculator.

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What do you like about your current job? Why are you looking to work for Backcountry? What do you know about Backcountry? The pay is lower than the median, are you okay with that? I don't know what the current processes are, are you okay with coming on board and figuring out everything by yourself?

Have you ever worked on a global scale before?

There was a healthy mix of the usual behavioral questions and technical probes of average difficulty. Nothing too challenging if one knows the stuff.

What are you going to do if you have 2 managers and both of them have different directions?

The most difficult part of the interview was that one of the interviewers had a strong foreign accent and it was hard to understand the question being asked.

What is your experience with data models? What experience do you have with SQL? What experience do you have with Looker? Why are you interested in PillPack?

Can you walk me through your resume?

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Some case scenarios they encounter in the job and want to know how I would handle it ?

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