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Senior Financial Analyst Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

"Senior financial analysts are respected for their expertise, exemplified by their attention to detail, confidence, and accuracy. In an interview context, expect to be questioned on technical questions, your previous experiences, and hypothetical situations that require your analysis and recommendation. Most importantly, come prepared with knowledge on the company and the industry, as well as the challenges that it faces."

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What do you like about your current job? Why are you looking to work for Backcountry? What do you know about Backcountry? The pay is lower than the median, are you okay with that? I don't know what the current processes are, are you okay with coming on board and figuring out everything by yourself?

Nearly all of the questions were related to my prior experience and my ability to perform the tasks that they job would require. They didn't try and make me feel uncomfortable or catch me off guard with any unusual questions.

They have you create two presentations on 1. your background and experience and 2. A professional experience and what you learned. They ask you questions about your presentations, and also various other typical interview questions (non-behavioral)

What do you like to do for fun? What is your compensation range? What is your experience with tax? What is your experience with intercompany transactions? Walk me through your resume

Didn't ever get an interview just an initial phone screening

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