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Senior Software Developer Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT


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A lists of questions will be sent to you as part of the pre-screen. Answering these fully and correctly is a challenge.

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You must be honest and forthright but not boastful all at the same time. If you fib you will get caught.

Be prepared to do write code for a sorted binary tree. Give the "lead architect" lots of praise but don't challenge him. Ego is large. Also do not talk about J2EE/JEE. These are fighting words for him and several in Arch. They have a very strong bias. Their architecture worked for a startup but is 2 tier and needs a re-write but they are not ready to admit this yet. Teams step allover each others toes since the website code is all very tightly coupled.

Which career path would you prefer (technical or managerial)?

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Why are you leaving your current job?

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How will you ensure security of a service and what are the types of attacks in a web application?

How will you decide what columns to index in a DB?

What is the difference between string and string builder?

The interview was straightforward and much easier than big name Internet companies (Amazon, Facebook, Google). Be solid on your Java development techniques, know how Maven works, and be prepared to compare and contrast technologies you may not have heard of before. Be *passionate* about a personal project.