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Teller Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

"Employers hiring bank tellers are looking for candidates who can provide superb customer service regardless of stressful circumstances. Expect a lot of situational or role-play questions that will assess your ability to diffuse unsatisfied customers and handle money professionally. In addition, bank tellers must also be comfortable with counting and handling bills efficiently and accurately, so come prepared to answer a mental math counting teaser."

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Examples of times you've messed up in other jobs

1 Answer

I explained that at the start of my job I wasn't doing everything in accordance to the policies in place because I was unaware of them

How do you feel about the sales aspect of the job?

In your past jobs, have you been responsible for managing and counting your own till at the end of the day?

What kind of responsibilities do you have at your current job?

Give an example of a time you couldn't give a customer exactly what they wanted and how you resolved the issue.

Give an example of a time you and a customer had a miscommunication that you had to resolve.

One question they asked me was how I was motivated.

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They asked me why they should hire me and not the other candidates

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