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Web Developer Interview Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

Web developer interviews are heavy in technical questions. Expect questions that will test your understanding of relevant programming languages such JavaScript and CSS, general web functions, and design experience with web services like REST and SOAP. As a designer, you will likely be asked to show examples of past projects or websites.

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They asked me to explain the complexity of the application I had worked on at my current job.

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After going through this I think that complexity is relative. Adding a simple feature to an application may require a complex solution or maybe the answer is simpler and the developer is making his work over complicated..

Please demonstrate the syntax for creating a custom directive where you will be passing in a function, string, and html.

What kind of software development processes did you practice at you previous place of work?

If you were given a deadline that you knew you weren't going to meet, what would be your next steps?

What is your least favorite thing about using Visual Composer? (a visual builder for WordPress)

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They asked about my general experience with marketing, etc. They didn't ask many questions about development at all. The only developer in the room had very little he asked me.

Given a specified set of tables, write a SQL query to retrieve data from a RDBMS.

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