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Financial Analyst Interview Questions in San Antonio, TX

Financial Analyst Interview Questions in San Antonio, TX

Interviewers will expect financial analyst candidates to be well-versed in financial markets, modeling, and analysis. Make sure you are comfortable with both micro and macroeconomics. In addition to highly technical questions, be ready to answer a few behavioral questions that will show off your communication and collaboration skills.

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can people understand you with a Spanish accent

10 Answers

very humiliated

Thank you very much for taking the time to interview with Provenir. I apologize that you were humiliated during our process as that certainly was never our intention. Strong communication skills are essential to success in any role in our company. Our team found you to be an exceptional candidate and were excited to present you an offer of employment - only to discover that you had accepted a job elsewhere. We wish you all the best!

I see Brigitta responded....does not tell the truth often. Her responses to negative comments are a shame....

How would you explain productivity and finacial statements to doctors?

1 Answer

Explain a situation that has represented a challenge for you and how you overcame it.

1 Answer

Practical case. Was asked what would I do on a specific situation with no information whatsoever.

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How are you with excel, on a scale of 1 to 10

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Mostly those behavioral - Give me an example questions that HR gives the managers and they sit and keep typing away the answers we give them. This is the most annoying and ineffective way to interview candidates and very impersonal

What are three things you look for in a company?

Interview was done via Skype, so I had to setup an account to be able to have the interview.

Be prepared for an excel test if you make it through the first interview.