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Marketing Manager Interview Questions in San Antonio, TX


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They asked me to whiteboard customer segmentation in the high tech space.

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I walked through how customers are usually segmented by SMB, Enterprise, and Mid Market and the different communication mechanisms that work for each.

Why sell Coke?

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What would you say are your two best qualities?

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What was my most successful project? Ofcourse if you're running a multi facted marketing campaign you will definitely achieve success. Specifically if there are more than one agency and team involved. In a multi national environment there is no room for failure as the word teamwork is of paramount importance.

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Would you be able to stay within the "swim lanes" and focus on one piece of campaign management?

Tell us a time you were challenged with a difficult customer. How did you handle it and what was the outcome?

What's your Go-To-Market for a Microwave in 1950? The time period threw me off a little bit.

Tell me about the last time you supervised a team of account executives and the steps you would take to train them.

Standard and fair questions for a qualified candidate

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