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The hiring manager basically said "our ideal candidate is someone with years of experience but we can't get that candidate - no one who is successful in the business is going to leave $100K in owed commissions behind to change companies" Basically - We can't have who we want so we have dragged you in - you might do.

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How do you respond to a statement like that?

"Thank you for your consideration, but it's obvious we are not a good fit for one another. Goodbye." If you are looking for the ideal job, why settle?

in my opinion the money comes after we have the first to n build rules and develop our company then we will earn much money

Nothing out of left field. Everything was fairly straight forward.

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Give a time when you were dealing with a irate customer and how did you handle the situation?

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List different uses for a paper clip until I tell you to stop, now.

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Do you ever feel it's okay to bend the truth just to get a sale?

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Explain a time you had difficulties with a customer

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If I wanted to relocate

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Are my parents still married. Do you have any kids. What does integrity mean to you. Who are your role models. Whole process is screwed up

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The hiring manager didn't ask any thought-provoking questions; softballs. The senior executive askes me to describe would I would do in the first 4 weeks of employment.

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What are the three things you most dislike about your job.

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