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Systems Engineer Interview Questions in San Antonio, TX

Systems engineers work closely with systems analysts to maintain a company's IT system by developing the operating systems that run computers. Expect to be quizzed on a variety of technical questions that will test your knowledge of how computer systems work. Employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree in an engineering field and previous experience with technology.

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What's the worst thing you eer broke and how did you cover it up?

1 Answer

I gave them a story of formatting a shared LUN but assured them I covered it up in a way I'd never get caught. Then I laughed and admitted to coming clean to the boss. They respected me for coming clean and seemed to enjoy that I was loose enough to joke about the coverup.

What do you think your salary should be?

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What was my Proudest moment in my 20 year military career?

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Tell me about a time you had an issue at work, and how did you deal with it?

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Know every directive in apache and be able to explain in explicit detail how each works. Know how to explain in detail forking, there were questions about Veem. AllowOverride KeepAliveTimeout MaxSpareServers MinSpareServers Options

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Standard interview questions, very in-depth from a technology perspective.

Diagram a CI/CD platform and describe how it works, include blue-green deployment.

Tell me the VM technologies in use today and explain how each one works inside the Linux kernel.

Tell me about a new technology that you would be interested in implementing within the environment.

1 Answer

Tell me the container technologies in use today and explain the differences among them.