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Account Executive Interview Questions in San Diego, CA

"When hiring account executives, employers are looking for candidates with the communication and sales skills to find and acquire new clients. In an interview, be ready to discuss your experience sourcing new business opportunities, familiarity with sales strategies, and ability to close deals with clients."

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They asked about my work experience of course and they asked about my personal life to get a feel of my personality.

2 Answers

I told them about how I handled difficult situations. The personal questions caught me off guard but i just answered as honestly as I could.

The COO likes to ask women inappropriate questions. He makes me very uncomfortable.

How do you measure suceess

1 Answer

How many cold-calls per day are you used to making?

1 Answer

Do you have the gift of gab?

1 Answer

"Do you have a car?" only question asked

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How can I be motivated to achieve a high quota when I owned my own business?

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The first formal interview is extremely thorough. I felt like they knew me inside,out by the time that I left.

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There was a straight forward phone interview, then an in-person interview with homework assignment, additional in-person, and final phone interview.

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That Link to the test: Johny has a blue apple and gave it to Jenny who traded that blue apple for the banana that Tom gave her earlier what did Jenny trade Tom to get that banana

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What personality traites does your current supervisor have that you most want to change

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