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Director of Sales Interview Questions in San Diego, CA


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What were some of your biggest challenges in dealing with difficult clients and how did you overcome them?

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Clients disgruntled because their were errors on their ads. sometimes it's the publishers fault, but many times it can be the clients error. I always remain calm, let the person speak, really listen, and then they usually calm down. At that point I assure them that we'll make it right. I explain that I will research the situation to find the best possible solution. I make them feel valued and treat their situation as top priority.

Nothing that was out of the ordinary

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Are you threatened by the fact that I was hired instead of you for a previous position you interviewed for with this company? Really who in their right mind asks that question?

80% of all interviews will focus on behavioral attributes. 20% of the time will be spent reviewing your background and experience. Be prepared for two short exams, one behavioral and one technical. Their biggest thing is wanting to get to know what makes you tick so they can make sure you will succeed within the company and the community culture.

Tell me about your experience. Do you have experience managing people? That was it!!

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Far too many unnecessary questions to type... In word document format, similar to a test. Completely unprofessional and absurd.

What do you think about going door to door in commercial neighborhoods?

What are you looking for in a company you'd like to work for?