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Inside Sales Interview Questions in San Diego, CA


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What were some of your biggest challenges in dealing with difficult clients and how did you overcome them?

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Clients disgruntled because their were errors on their ads. sometimes it's the publishers fault, but many times it can be the clients error. I always remain calm, let the person speak, really listen, and then they usually calm down. At that point I assure them that we'll make it right. I explain that I will research the situation to find the best possible solution. I make them feel valued and treat their situation as top priority.

How long do you feel working in an environment where things change week-to-week?

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My familiarity and experience with their product was extensive. I was aware that they were owned by SnapOn Tools; I thought that was superb.

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you? Experience questions

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All of the interview questions were fairly standard and routine.

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sales experience?

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Sell me something of your choice, we're going to role play a phone sale.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

What do you think are some of the key characteristics that separate a good sales person from a bad one?

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