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Principal Interview Questions in San Diego, CA

In addition to serving as the educational and administrative head of a school, a principal acts as the public face and spokesperson. Employers will be looking for candidates who display strong communication skills, the ability to resolve issues among the staff, students, and their families, and a clear vision for a healthy learning environment. To excel in your interview, come prepared with examples of past conflicts you have successfully handled and ideas around how you would foster active learning situations.

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Two trains are traveling towards each other at a certain closing speed and initial distance between them. A bird at another speed is flying from one train to another, turning around every time it reaches a train. How far does the bird fly before the trains collide?

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If you go brute force, you will surely bore the interviewer, but at least think out loud so he/she knows your thought process. Brute force will mean that you're computing how far the bird flies each time it turns around. This isn't necessary at all. The trick is to forget the bird at first and figure out how long until the trains collide. Then take the time t and multiply it by the bird's speed to figure out distance (x=vt). The trick is that it doesn't really matter where the bird is flying; if the interviewer had said that the bird is on another planet and started flying, then the answer is pretty simple. But people like me visualize the problem without decomposing the problem into separate (independent) problems. The bird's flight and the trains paths were completely independent. Don't sweat brain teasers; if you get it right, great. But brain teasers are meant to evaluate how you think. Practice a few and you'll start to get used to techniques like decomposing the problem as mentioned above.

Why did you leave job A when you transferred to job B in the past?

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What are my methods of integrating technologies, training, and teaching across the generation gap.

Given a range of integers from 0-N, and an array of blacklisted numbers, write a Java method to return a random number in the allowed range.

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Who wrote this book about TDD? (lol) What's the difference between a Principal and Sr Engineer? Other completely open ended questions about how would you secure these 2 systems, when tried to gather more information about the question, devs responded we are the ones interviewing with you, only we ask questions.

Why do you want to work here?

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Discuss the architecture design of your favorite past project that is either SOA or distributed. Discuss any software patterns that it uses.

There were a few questions in regards my electrical background and experience but the most difficult question was " describe your strengths (which was not a problem) and your weaknesses (tough to explain)"

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