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Product Specialist Interview Questions in San Diego, CA


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What is the future of social media/what are the current trends?

1 Answer

Facebook remains the most popular site, and is turning into a search engine, stealing market share from Google. Twitter is losing users because it is text based, while Instagram and Snapchat grow due to consumer's preference for photo and video.

3 words your current boss would use to describe you? Current Salary? Why Tesla?

typical questions from the top 150 questions to ask in an interview

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What five words best describe you? What was the worst customer experience and how did you handle it?

The interview questions were just your typical HR questions and a few technical questions but it all depends on the department your interviewing for.

Why Do you want to work for our company?

1 Answer

What is your unique selling proposition? How would you calculate how many golf balls can fit in this room? How did you determine your go to market strategy for the products you managed in your previous job? What are your hobbies? What kind of promotions did you implement in your previous job and why? If you had to explain the concept of "internet" to a kid in one sentence, what would you say?