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Sales Management Interview Questions in San Diego, CA


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What do you do for fun?

1 Answer

Be honest, or embellish - it's up to you.

How does your most recent job experience apply to this job?

Tell me in 1 minute why I should hire you? What is the proudest moment of your life?

What is the most important quality you look for in a position.

Would you like me to explain more about this position or are you already familiar with it?

Are you still actively, looking and for how long? Next questions centered on my salary range and my financial reviews for the future. Also, stated that on my first in person interview, I would be introduced to a financial advisor to help me.

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Nothing specific, but rather opened with me talking about my experience. Once volume of my experience was discussed, young director level more or less shut down. Actually sighed at least one time and sounded annoyed to be on call. Very disrespectful and left me with a negative view of Wrike. Waste of my time. Too bad you can't ask age anymore, that would've saved me a few hours of my time.