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Do you like working long hours?

5 Answers

Yes, i love to work beacause i get bore sitting in home with no work. Its very boring to seat in home.

yes, i do like working long hours.

I'm happy to work with a high salary and strong big company...

What is the craziest idea you've ever had?

2 Answers

Are you crazy for wanting a job in this group?

2 Answers

I don't think CPA is any better than non-CPA!

2 Answers

When you use excel, can you do it right off the bat or have to look it up in the book?

3 Answers

I do not recall the questions asked.

2 Answers

What is your experience during year- end closing and budget analysis?

1 Answer

What Qualities make a good employee? What are your long term career plans? Are you able to handle difficult people or situations? Why should we hire you as opposed to someone with more construction background experience?

1 Answer

What kind of job atmosphere do you prefer to work in; group or individual atmosphere?

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answer
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