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Analyst Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA

"Analysts work in a variety of fields to break down complex problems and find solutions. When interviewing candidates, employers are looking for applicants who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of the field. For more information on the specific questions you'll be asked, try researching a particular role such as business analyst, financial analyst, programming analyst, or data analyst."

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You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

39 Answers

Cut in half, stack, cut in half, stack, cut in half. All you have to worry about is the 45 degree rotation of one of the 4 pieces after the second cut. Blade can be kept in place, like a paper cutter, as to minimize the margin for error.

Slice it horizontally across the middle creating two equal halves top and bottom. Then simple two slice cross from above like normal.

Cut each slice into 3 slices. Then eat one of them.

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decompose the CAPM model and discuss limitations

3 Answers

Explain to me what NPV means?

1 Answer

Could you walk me through the cash flows statement? What are some items that would be found under each heading?

1 Answer

If the interest rates go down, what happens to the value of a bond?

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How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the US each year?

27 Answers

Given three tables, user_dimension (user_id and account_id), account_dimension (account_id and paying_customer), and download_facts (date, user_id, and downloads), find the average number of downloads for free vs paying customers broken out by day.

9 Answers

you have a 9x9x9 sided cube made up of 1 squaree inch squares. If all sides are painted how many cubes have no paint on any side?

6 Answers

A car starts driving at 60 mph, one hour later a car leaves the same position going 80 mph. How much time will pass until the second car catches the first?

6 Answers

The 15 min, 5 question quiz. It's a relevant and a useful tool for the Ampush recruiting team to use, but the way the quiz was set up (timer at the top requiring scrolling up intermittently to check time left, misspellings and poor grammar in the questions themselves making which verb goes with what noun confusing) seemed a bit unprofessional. It would be nice if it could be cleaned up a little more, especially the wording of the questions. The questions themselves were not too difficult, as long as you have a grasp of social media acronyms such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CR% and how they relate to each other. Note that the required formatting for the answers is picky; you have to answer with two decimal points for every number (not for %s) and add in special characters (e.g. $, %). Example questions below; these are not the actual questions from the quiz but very similar. Example Q #1: You are running an online ad campaign in order to drive installs of a client's application (the action). Your cost-per-click (CPC) is $0.13 and 12% of the people who click the ad will install the application. How much do you spend per action (what is your CPA)? Example Q #2: You are running an online ad campaign. Your client wants to get at least 500 people to click an ad that links to her personal website, and she is willing to pay $0.40 per click. If you fulfill the goal of getting 500 clicks, how much does the client end up spending? Example Q #3: You are running an online ad campaign for a client who wants more people to "like" his business' Facebook page. She is willing to pay $1.10 per "like". 40% of the people who click on his ad will "like" her Facebook page (this is the CR%). Your goal is to make a 20% profit margin. What is the maximum amount you can pay Facebook per click and still get that 20% profit margin (assuming profit = rev - cost).

6 Answers
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