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District Manager Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA

"When hiring district managers, employers are looking for experienced candidates with the communication, leadership, and managerial skills to oversee multiple branches in a particular region or district. Be prepared to discuss your management style as well as your ability to handle conflicts and supervise lower-level managers. Employers will be looking for individuals with several years of industry experience, so be ready to discuss your knowledge of the field."

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Would I accept a lower job than the one we were talking about.

2 Answers

He proceeded to state some very high earnings for the lower position, so I remained interested. So far the only negative is that the hiring manager has not called despite my being told he would call in a short time (It is now 9 hours later).

You have to stick to your guns. If you're a DM candidate, why the fxck would you accept a Route Sales Rep. job? ...because of the money? That just makes you look shifty.

None were difficult. The most difficult part was actually more strange than challenging. I was continually asked if I was planning to stay for a length of time in the position.

1 Answer

what is your biggest weakness

1 Answer

Behavioral based interview questions.

2 Answers

They just asked me basic questions about what my current job consisted of.

1 Answer

What are your opportunities?

1 Answer

Are you willing to move? Say yes. This doesn't mean you have to move, but middle management gets a bonus when they promote one of their employees and in order to get promoted you HAVE TO move to Dallas.

If a hammer and a nail cost $1.10 together, and the hammer costs $1.00 more than the nail, how much does the nail cost?

1 Answer

She asked me to walk her through my resume, and she would ask questions on different experiences as I did.