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Embedded software engineer Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA


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Write a program to test endianess of storage.

3 Answers

I described a method that placed a 1 byte word into a 2 byte address. If the word was matched in the upper MSB, it was Big endian, otherwise small endian.

use union property to judge if it is big endian or little endian.

#define LITTLE_ENDIAN 0 #define BIG_ENDIAN 1 int EndiannessTest() { int i = 1; char *p = (char *) &i; if (p[0] == 1) // Lowest address contains the least significant byte return LITTLE_ENDIAN; else return BIG_ENDIAN; }

There was one question where you had to find the top 3 results in a much larger list.

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Direct questions relating to experience and hands-on knowledge and how these pertain specifically to several key areas of interest.

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Q: Explain my research background and how it fits with the company's vision.

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How do you feel about working in a fast-paced environment?

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RTOS questions

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Write a state machine to control a garage door.

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I was asked to give a presentation about myself and my experience.

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As a engineer with many years experience how do you feel about working for someone with far less experience?

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No difficult questions but the phone conversation was difficult to follow especially after an echo or voice feedback started. It may have been someone in the room repeating what I had just said because it stopped after I mentioned the feedback. At the conclusion the interviewer said I would get a C quiz todo.

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