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Tell me a time when you had to deal with a difficult individual and how you went about resolving the problem?

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Use group projects from school or work. It's all about how you deal with others that's important.

What is the Unix command to view processes?

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Where would you like to be in your career in five years? Why do you want to leave your current position and work at PHC? What is your ideal company? What attracted you to PHC? Tell me about yourself and your last position? What were your responsibilities?

They asked about what is the most challenging problem\issue I faced and how did I go about addressing it.

Laptop exercise: Connecting to a specific hidden wifi. The laptop had the physical airplane mode button switched on, WAN turned off, and the wireless service was turned off too

They gave me a list of problems to solve.

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Describe a situation in which you had to give a business unit bad news.

Oddly, I was asked about the "5 main components of AD" this was kind of puzzling both because AD administration was not heavily stressed as a significant requirement of the job, and also because the question itself was vague, what did the interviewer mean? Was he talking about AD structure, such as trees, and forests, and OU's, etc. or was he talking about FSMO roles, or significant elements like domains and trusts, the schema, federated services, replication, ADDS and LDAP, etc?

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Have you done your due diligence to check out Collective health?

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