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IT Auditor Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA

"Companies depend on IT auditors to examine their technological structure and improve upon it through their analysis and design skills. Most importantly, interviewers will be interested in whether you can communicate highly technical information in a non-technical fashion. During an interview, expect to be asked about the software you are proficient in, the contributions you can bring, and previous data analysis experience. You may be asked to role-play a scenario where you must deal with difficult colleagues or unrealistic deadlines."

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Describe a time when you displayed leadership capabilities and needed to rise above and beyond.

While I was good with all the questions from a technical and behavioral side, I am not sure I did well when they asked me about my past salary. In my case, I was unable to furnish it while I was open to them about what I was looking for from the beginning.

What do you know about Moss Adams?, Why Moss Adams? What are you looking to do in your career? What was the biggest challenge you've faced? What do you do in your free time? A lot of the interview process is you asking them questions, that show how much you know and what your values are. The firm appears to be very values based (or at least the team I was interested in was)

What was a time when someone you were working with let you down, and how did you handle it?