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IT Project Manager Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA


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How do you define project plan?

2 Answers

Project plan is a tracking and monitoring tool through which agreed upon scope, cost, quality, and schedule are mentained through out the project life cycle

Project plan is document that will tell as a project manager how I'm going to run the project from start to finish. How I will manage scope, resources, risk, quality, time, communication, and etc.

Describe the projects that you have managed and what is the most difficult project?

1 Answer

Knowledge of RUP principles

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Asked about my leadership ability.

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About my background and job experience

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This experience was more of an interrogation and extremely humiliating. This is a sweatshop and they were looking to poke holes and humiliate as oppose to having an intellegent interview. The Lead interrogator played the good cop and his side kick played the good cop. The Lead had a very forward demeanor as he sat with his elbows on his knees and his hands clasped with a scowl on his face. No matter what I told him ...nothing was good enough. This experience was horrible. San Francisco California PCubed Office.

What level of experience with Microsoft Project did you do you fast have?

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If you were thrust in a project and you heard that there was someone who was difficult to work with but you knew you had to work with them, what would you do?

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Tell us about a time you managed a group of diverse stakeholders with many competing priorities.