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Manager In Training Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA


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Standard interview questions about my experience in sales enablement, training, and learning & development; the skills I had attained during the last decade; how I would apply my expertise to Stackla; ideas I had for upskilling AEs, SDRs, and CS. They were genuinely interested and let me share my heart out. They also shared a lot about Stackla, the challenges they were facing, what opportunities they saw, and about the culture. Most of them reinforced the fact that I was also interviewing them, and encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible.

Tell me about a time you influenced someone to follow your suggestion

What is one of your greatest accomplishments and why?

Tell me about a time you disagreed with a supervisor and how did you handle it?

How I approach developing a training lesson. What sorts of methods I use to engage the learner, etc.

What is the one thing you absolutely hate to do?

Where do you buy your pet food and supplies, and why?

What are some of your past experiences that make you a qualified candidate for AWS?

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