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Nurse Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA

As nurses spend the majority of their days interacting with patients, employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate strong interpersonal, teamwork, and conflict-management skills. Come ready to discuss a time you handled a tense patient or excelled under pressure. Employers will also expect candidates to have a robust knowledge of nursing practices, so expect to be quizzed on proper medical procedure and patient handling.

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Questions regarding personal time I took off between past jobs

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Did I feel capable of handling the position

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Where did I want to go with the company both physically and professionally?

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What would you do of you discovered a patient unconscious and determined there is no pulse?

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What would you do if you seen that a CNA was not keeping up with his/her workload?

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tell me about an experience that you needed to call a rapid response to a patient.

What is your professional background?

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tell me an experience you have about difficult pain management.

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